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Comfortable and High Quality Disposable Ear loop Face Masks

Comfortable and High Quality Disposable Ear loop Face Masks


  • Comfort Matters - Thicker is not better. Itchy and scratchy is not better. Hotter and sweatier is not better. Who wants to wear a potholder over their face for any length of time? The fluid resistant filtration materials used in the construction of X Factor Scientific face masks are medical grade quality and lighter in weight than those used in civilian type retail masks. X Factor Scientific face masks are designed to be worn comfortably for the longer periods of time required by medical professionals working in the wards of hospitals. Retail masks are stiff and scratchy and more prone to moisture buildup inside the mask. Just comparing the two types of mask by wearing them the user will immediately notice the difference in comfort!
  • Breathability Matters – As stated before, retail masks are like putting a potholder over your face. Thick retail face masks are so thick that air does not flow properly through the filtration media resulting in air being both exhaled and inhaled through the sides of the mask, which also results in fogged up eyeglasses. Some wearers may find themselves short of breath, especially when climbing stairs or during physical exertion. A mask where airflow passes in and out of the sides is next to useless.
  • Filtration Matters – It is important that the filtration media (the middle layer of the mask) be of a high-quality filtration material that allows air flow for breathing in and out but also filters out the contaminants that are harmful to health. X Factor Scientific face masks are rated BFE >99.9%.
  • Fluid Resistance Matters – Civilian type retail masks are never fluid resistant. This is one of the main distinguishing characteristics between civilian type retail masks and our face masks. Fluid resistance offers splash protection and reduces the potential for inhalation of airborne droplets. X Factor Scientific face masks are EU Type IIR (R=fluid resistant).


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