Disposable Heavy Weight Plastic/Poly Apron 46 inches x 28 inches - 2 Mil -for Cooking & Painting

Color: Blue
Quantity: 50 Pack
Sale price$18.00
PE Aprons

Our Aprons Are For Everyone


  • DISPOSABLE PLASTIC: Made from a polyethylene blend (PE) that keeps your clothes safe from any serious debris
  • 100 APRONS: Affordable PPE that is unisex and fits all with an adjustable back tie.
  • LONG TERM PROTECTION: With our thicker apron, one can keep the same apron on all day.


Value Proposition


  • No Middle-Men


We are the only PPE producer selling directly to commercial end-users


  • Save 20-40% Without Compromise


We are the original producer of our Pentagon Safety Equipment products. WE deliver them directly from our point of manufacture to your doorstep. Our direct distribution method offers astounding savings of 20-40%


  • We Do Things Others Can't


Our product development capability is like no other. We can modify, customize, innovate and invent to better solve your specific workplace requirements.


  • Certified PPE Advisors


Our certified PPE advisors are the best trained professionals in the business


  • It's Easy


Simply by switching over, our customers get better products and save more than they ever thougt possivle on their PPE budgets

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